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Jan 7, 2013 8:00am EST
. and i think that was noteworthy because previously it's really been an issue just the energy and commerce committee has dealt with. and i think it's a sign that they are making more of a comprehensive push to pressure the defense department to find, you know, some airwaves that they can relinquish to the private sector. >> host: go ahead, gautham. >> guest: i would just add i think spectrum reallocation from the government to the private sec or to have will be a priority in this coming year. senator thune offered an amendment to the defense authorization bill in december which would have directed, i believe, the 1450 band of spectrum -- i'm not certain about that -- but a band of spectrum that is currently held by the defense department, would have directed it to be freed up for commercial use. so he's shown that that's a priority for him. and the wireless companies are probably correct in the sense that their appetite for spectrum will not be sated by this coming auction. it will be something like 500 megahertz at most, and that is really not in line with the growing appetit
Jan 7, 2013 8:00pm EST
for cliff stearns. on the energy and commerce committee, is that right? >> no, he is taking over the position that mary bono mack had and he will be the vice chair of the commerce committee. it will be interesting to see how and whether she tries to assert her authority. she has actually told me that she is interested in tackling something related to piracy. but i would agree that it's very unlikely. all members are extremely wary of trying to enact laws of technology that they perhaps have an expertise on. and that they don't understand all the ramifications. and i think with various lobbyists, nobody is interested in having a repeat of that. >> what about potential changes? >> guest: that is the big question. there was widespread speculation however, those plans have been placed on hold. no one knows what to think. his legacy is very uncertain at this place. it has passed that many of the it, the allies have either abandoned the commission in some fashion or arguing that they didn't go far enough in the rules that they implemented. i would not be surprised if the rules were sho
Jan 5, 2013 6:30pm EST
, litery is taking over for cliff sterns, correct on the energy and commerce committee? >> no, he is taking over the position on the commerce manufacturing and trade committee. marsha blackburn is going to be the fice chair of the full energy committee. it will be interesting to see how and whether she tries to assert her authority in her new role. she told me she is interesting in tackling something that is related to piracy but it is unlikely. i think a broader more important part of the discussion is that it goes with the revolt. all members of congress are extremely warry of trying to enact law with technology they perhaps don't have an extra piece on and they don't understand all of the ramifications. i think that will be an issue. i hear again and again from a member nobody is interested having a repeat of that. >> gautham nagesh what about the federal changes of communication? >> that is the big question really. we've seen the commission at full strength with the confirmation of the democrat and everyone is waiting to see what the chairman chooses to do. there was speculation that he
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3